Clean Slate - Revisited

This was written befor the Olympics started.


"You can’t tell how people are going to behave based on how they have behaved." ~~ Don Draper, Mad Men

I've just finished watching athletics on TV where athletes were selected for the London Olympics.

As each athlete was being introduced they had their statistics underneath showing what their best times were. The commentator also talked about each athlete's performance this season.

When it comes to the actual race or event, it matters not whether an athlete was a gold medalist in the last Olympic game, the current world champion or whether s/he didn't perform at their best at the last meeting, what matters is how he or she performs now. If the athlete doesn't meet the expected standard, s/he is out.

In the World Championship last year, Usain Bolt, the world record holder who had been expected to win the 100m final was disqualified because of a false start.

I believe every moment we are given a clean slate to be the best that we can be. Our previous good deeds or misdeeds don't count!

Now is the only time that matters!
(c) E Joseph

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