Been With A "man" That Will Not Work, Or Support His Children

I have stayed with this guy for over 14 years, and he will not get a job, because he said that he doesn't want to have to wake up early, and also because he doesn't want to have to answer to someone, or to pass a drug test. He drinks malt liquor daily, and smokes cheap cigarettes, along with pot. He is trying to get on disability right now, because he says he is obese and depressed. He tells our kids daily that they don't need to go to college, or to work, because Obama will end up giving everyone welfare one way or another. He really told them that! My daughter thinks that getting on disability is the way to go in life. I am stupid for staying with him, but I love him. He also hates my parents, because they pay for my cell phone, and my truck, along with the insurance, because they feel sorry for the kids. He resents my parents, and says they are trying to show off when they buy school clothes for the kids. My kids love their dad, but my son, who is 12, doesn't want to live with him anymore. My daughter worships her dad, but he manipulates her into feeling sorry for him. I have left him several times, but I always end up going back, because he threatens to kill himself.
juststupid juststupid
Sep 22, 2012