Taking Me With Her

So my gf is very depressed, she calims to have no moments of joy at all and it really does affect both of our lives but of course anyone who has read or written a story in this article already knows this. I'm looking for advice.

I'm tired of listening to the same song, much of which she did to herself. Over the past year that I've known her I've been the only one trying to support her and trying to get her off her *** but ever since she moved in with me it's just not getting any better. Unfortunately it is in such a way that I cannot tell her to leave, I cannot break up with her because she has nowhere to go. It's not like I am just giving up cuz things are tough; I've tried everything I can think of to help her out but most days she just lays around my apartment all day drinking and sleeping. Even the small things I ask her to do like keeping the place clean seems to be too daunting a task for her most days.

But I can't keep drowning with her, either I can help her get back up or find a way to let her go. Anyone have any success stories? tips?
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Have you voiced these concerns(all of them) to her? does she know the ultimatum? I think if she knew you were having these doubts (which is completely warranted)..she would think about trying to help herself. I occasionally suffer from depression, it used to consume my life.. but it really is YOUR life and your mind..and you can take it back and have control over it and have happiness in your life..I wish people knew that.

yeah and I took control back. It was a pretty hard process though, many fights, lots of tears, even cops lol