My Health Challenges Changed My Life For The Better.

Many lifes could have been saved if they dared to believe we will be well.
I was diagnosed with Adrenal Insuficiency 6 years ago when my life was getting better.
The hard blow hit me so hard that i almost died.
I had a hard life filled with abuses,bad spouses and sufferings.
But i was very healthy.
Coping with steriods and obesity on top of years of osteoarthrities is already difficult.
With attachment illnesses of Diabetes,HBP,High Cholesteral and Depression makes my life miserable.
As an overcomer in life i took a challenge to put my life in perspective.
I read all i could about my health challenges and believe i can change my health for the better.
I am now for 5 years in a row have my health challenges in controlled.
During the process i have also make changes in my life and have since being blessed with much more.
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Hi my dear Giggles.I agree with whats happening on EP and am feeling so sad for so many.Blessings and Love.

Hi my dear Linda.Thanks for your kindness and encouragement.You are an inspiration to me and i treasure your friendship.Blessings.

Often I see some on ep writing in q&a or a post that they are sick of people who always focus on the positive in life and talk about making changes. As I've always thought, if you continue to think and do what you've always done, you will always get the same results and things will never change. It makes me sad to see them fall deeper into depression and attracting more illness, abuse, and hard times into their lives because they just won't see what their negative words are doing. This brings me to your post....THANK YOU! You're strong spirit and positive attitude has changed your life for the better and helped many of us to change our lives. You are an inspiration, dear lady, and I am privileged to call you my friend :) Love and blessings to you and Philip, J~

May your health only continue to get better, my friend..<br />
<br />
Your courage and strength, and large heart, make you a wonderful person..but, you had many burdens to bear..Now, that they are in a safe place, your strength will empower your body, to heal..<br />
<br />
Love, to you, my friend,<br />
Linda ;)

I love how you look at life with such a positive view like always notice the advantage of a bad situation and use it as a blessing =)


Stay in the faith that your body is healing and do whatever you can..hugs.

Thanks again.