I was diagnosed with an incurable Chronic Illness last year called Polymyositis. Its an Autoimmune disease. Medicine is the only thing that can suppress the symptoms. It causes acute muscle weakness to the point of being in a wheelchair. I was only diagnosed because it had gotten so bad I eneded up having a Cardiac Arrest after my respitory system failed on me. I spent 5 months in hospital last year. Im only 39 and I am a single mum to a 7 yr old boy. I was doing very well up until 3 months ago when they tapered one of my medications down. My muscle weakness came back within 2 weeks and has gotten worse from there. The most frustrating thing is my brain is working fine, but my body wont keep up. It can take me an 1hr to get dressed in the morning with breathlessness. I have to get someone to currently help me with cleaning my house and washing clothes. I also order my shopping online and it gets delivered to my house the following day. Im currently using a walking stick to get around, but am unable to be steady on my feet for too long. Last week I fell over twice. I went to the Specialist last week and am going back in 3 weeks time to be reassed and to maybe have some more medication added into the mix. I am always hopeful!
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Hello Alive2011, I read your story and I am so sorry for what you have endured. Have you ever tried supplements .... for example Minerals? I have FMS for 10 years and I no longer suffer from the pain I had been in for years and years. I have come across a supplement which has 85+ minerals and what a difference. I would like you to read on Fulvic Acid(not folic acid) but Fulvic Acid and let me know what you think.