'Raise Awareness'

I'm too young to have the autoimmune disorders that I have. I was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome when I was 18. I've had symptoms when I was 8, but no ones diagnosing 8 year olds with a disorder that normally effects women in their 40's.
Honestly, my disorder bothers me everyday, but I live with it. Most people don't know I have it. Those who do don't really care, nor should they. I'm not prying into their personal heath story, why should they make mine their business? I have a chronic disorder, so that makes me the community sob story? That's stupid.
Every time I see someone talking or posting about autoimmune awareness, I want to punch them. "It's the invisible disease.", they say. Well honestly, I'm glad it's invisible. I wouldn't want people taking pity on me the instant they see me. I don't want everyone to know that my body is attacking itself, and that I'll age faster than everyone else, or that my vagina gets painfully dry when I'm stressed out. I don't want everyone to know that I'll probably die really young and that I probably won't have children.
Go do something useful with your time and stop trying to 'raise awareness' about something you have no idea about. Write a letter to someone, get a degree in biochemistry, donate money to research. Don't post poorly written rants about something that you have no idea about. Don't act like your fibromyalgia is just as bad as my Sjogren's, because its not. You're 50. You have kids already and this is just now affecting you. We are not in the same boat here. I am not your sister in this and you are not mine. You are trying to milk it for all the sympathy its worth and I am just trying to live my life before its cut short by this.
Every time you look at me with sympathy I hate you more.
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Jan 7, 2013