For 4 years I've had hyperhydrosis. I am a 18 year old girl and I'm a senior in high school. Hyperhydrosis is a disease where you sweat abnormally. I sweat non-stop in my hands, feet, and underarms. It effects my life every day. People with ask for a high five and when I do they won't stop asking why my hand is wet. In church I hate holding hands with strangers next to me. I only wear black and white clothing because other colors show sweat stains. I can't wear any form of sandal or flip flop- this looks awkward in the summer when I wear tennis shoes every day. I smudge every paper in school. I don't go to school events if I don't have to because crowds make me sweat more. But the worst of it all, is I feel like I will never find love because no one wants to hold hands with a girl who's hands are always wet.
I've tried: roll on dehydraters, pills, and botox. None of them have worked. My doctor told me she's sorry but she really doesn't have any other ideas. My mom thinks it's making me depressed and she stays up night after night not being able to sleep becasue she thinks I'm going to kill myself. I know my disease isn't all that bad compaired to some, but it has changed my life and others around me and I'm sick of it.
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I myself have an incurable illness, one which I do not tell many about, so I can somehow understand how you feel. People are encouraged to get better when they're sick, but not as much when they have an actual illness. You shouldn't be judged for something you can't control, and our society sucks for ever doing so. You also shouldn't get treated differently. If I were a boy, I'd totally date you, and hug you, and hold your hand. Don't ever give up. You are a beautiful woman, and that's not just some bullsh*t most people just say to comfort. "This is the truth: The most beautiful people are those with the biggest flaws. Not by any personal choice, but by design. Their beauty seems almost a development of evolution, a way for them to find acceptance amongst others. For without their beauty who would ever want anything so broken?" And I truly believe that quote. We are beyond beautiful, whether people are smart enough to see it or not. As long as we KNOW it, what does it matter what they only THINK? We're better than that. Stay Strong Love. God Bless(:

Thank you very much. I literally just cried while I read that. You are an amazing person and it's people like you who change lives. God has certainly blessed you and your ability to show his love. Thanks again

No problem, I'm glad I could help(: