My Life

Wow...I will never forget and the famous word.."I am so sorry but you are HIV+" ears were blocked nothing else mattered..but the questions..Why me?How?What happened?...My Dr. Asked me if I am ok..and I asked her "Do you think I'm ok"..I walked out feeling dizzy..I got home..looked at myself in the mirror with tears rolling down my eyes..I cried for 12hours..later the evening my fiance came I informed him and told him he should get tested..and I knew he brought the beast in our relationship..he walked out and never came saddens me that he is going on with his life as he is a soccer player..while my life is..a mess..My CD4 count is 266..I have to start taking medication..It is so unfair why all this pain..?
Nubiaanqueen Nubiaanqueen
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4 Responses Jan 20, 2013

This is beautiful. I admire your strength..

Im sorry hunny I feel for u...

I had a similar experience. How are you doing now?

We can never explain and understand why some horrible things happen to us, but we can be grateful for the time we have today because we never know what tomorrow brings. in other words, stay positive, take your meds, look for happiness and spend time with people that matter to you. I wish you all the very best and I hope and pray you do not give up. Please.

Well said. I admire your attitude. You even are helping me. Thank you for your strength and encouragement.

You're welcome :)