No Keyholder To Beg For Release This Time

I'm locked in chastity now, at least for the weekend. I've been locked up for 2 days in my cb6000 and now it's Friday. I took both keys to work with me and left them there! I am now stuck in my chastity device until at least Monday night. My keys are locked in my locker, inside a locked building with an alarm, and a locked gate outside. No one is there on weekends. So i must now endure at least 3 days with absolutely no way to remove my chastity device.
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what size do the came in I would to try one

It has different size rings to fit most anyone

I would love to try one on

I think I have enough extra pieces to make an extra one

would it have a lock on it

All chastity devices lock and unless you have the key you won't be removing it

I would be happy with that who would have the key

Ideally not you! If you have the key then you can take it off. The idea behind it is whoever locks it on you usually has the key and you don't get to remove it until they say so, which could be a very long time if they want.

I would still like to where one how you do go to the bathroom when you have one on

They have holes to allow you to use the bathroom. Search for cb6000 and you will see the one I have. I have been locked in it for 11 days straight now.

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The 1st with the suntaning place yes, thought who every found it would keep it or throw it away, It was on a real nice chain, and in a strangers hands I think it even got my KH juices going

Twice we have been without the keys to my KH C- Cage 1st time she forgot it at a sun tanning place. when my wife called me a worried about it my cage got really tight. I told her i would stop on my why home from work to get it, when i got there and explained what i was looking for the girl didn't see it she called another and said my wife came back for it. 2nd time my wife unlocked me we had sex relocked me and some were in the bedroom she lost the keys after 4 days she used my emergency key to unlock me that's when i new she was not just screwing with my head i tore bedroom apart and finally found them.