And am contemplating getting a urethral reroute to enhance the experience.

Over the past few months, I've been experimenting with chastity (self-locked only at this point) and after doing some research online, including this very site, am considering undergoing a urethral reroute.

First, a little background about myself. (I'll try to keep this brief, as I could probably write for days if I don't.) I'm male, mid-20s, from a loving middle-class family, college graduate, and currently work in mobile technology. I enjoy playing video games, board game nights with friends, and writing fiction (as well as erotica.)

In addition to chastity, another interest of mine has always been crossdressing. Other than a few rare instances of wearing a bra or panties under my male clothes while out, it has been something I've done in the privacy of my own apartment. I absolutely believe that there are some transgender undertones to this behavior, but it's not something I've explored, other than a little internet research. (Maybe I'll get into this more another day. It would require its own full post to really explain.)

I mention it here, though, because it plays into something I'm thinking about doing. I've enjoyed my experience with chastity so far (and am more than willing to answer any questions anyone has on that subject) but want to go further. I think, at least in part because of the transgender feelings I have, I'm not as attached to my p*nis as most men. I've had sex, and ************ is pleasurable when I'm not locked up, but the actual physical structure and functionality doesn't matter much to me when it comes to my sexuality.

One of the more annoying issues I've experienced with chastity is problematic urination. For one, every type of device will disrupt your urine stream, at least to a degree. Some enthusiasts actually enjoy this aspect of it, as it "forces" them to sit to urinate if they do not want to make a mess. Unfortunately, that leads into issue #2: sitting while wearing a device can be extremely awkward. In almost all cases, the device "clacks" against the seat/bowl while sitting, giving away that something unusual is going on in your stall if in a public restroom. Additionally, angling things so that the device is facing downward into the bowl is another issue. You'll often find yourself forced to contort yourself to get it in the proper position without being at such a sharp angle that it restricts or cuts off urine flow. On smaller toilets, I've found myself having to sit as far back as possible while leaning forward in order to get around this problem. Finally, #3, is the lingering smell. Even with metal devices with a more-open design, the smell of urine tends to hang around in the tip of the device. This necessitates more frequent removal in order clean it more thoroughly. This is obviously extremely unpleasant and has so far capped the amount of time I've been able to wear a device without removal.

I thought that these would be problems I'd always have, but stumbled upon a possible solution: urethral reroute. Most accounts, some I read on this very site including tghubby's ( make this seem like a very viable option for me.

The reroute would eliminate the need to actually urinate through the chastity device while still allowing me to wear it. Further, it would force me to "pee like a girl," something I've always desired, even when not wearing the device. It would still allow me to use my p*nis sexually when needed, and would be a far easier procedure to have completed than full vaginoplasty. (Something I've long considered, but would near impossible to get without transitioning fully. Again, maybe I'll get into this topic another day.)

Overall, I've enjoyed my experiences with chastity greatly and I feel that a urethral reroute would add to my pleasure. I'm more than willing to answer any questions that anyone has regarding these topics.
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Well have you had your urethral relocation done yet? As you know from reading some of what I've posted about my urethral relocation I just wish I had it done sooner.

I like the Steelwerks reroute ring. I can imgine my wife putting this in my penis and then locking the ring to a chair or couch so that I can't even get up...the furniture would become part of the chastity device. Nice touch while she takes a lover to our bed.