I Can't Win!!!!!!!

Nothing ever gets easier for me!!! I just can't ******* win!!! I have two friends on this planet. Two people I trust and now even that's getting harder!!! I just want to give up... but... I am getting stronger.
Voodoogirl309 Voodoogirl309
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Times I have thought about giving up but remember if you try harder and the harder you try the more chances of you surviving in this society and the chances of winning is at large. Just because people have a lot of friends doesn't make them wealthy in life.
Friends could come in different degrees. If you could have 2 really good friend who would be there for you when you are in troubled times that's all you need. Even in this world many people do not have true friends they are just fake ones so don't worry about having so many friends. Good friendship is build on trust and a caring heart. Even your other half wife or husband is build on these circumstances but unfortunately many people these days just married the wrong person.

I cannot tell you to hang in there because technically I have already given up.. but... we need to do more than one pushup to actually get stronger.