Loneliness and Depression

It really scares me that I will remain that way for the rest of my life. As I don't work due to health probs, there are few opportunities to meet people.

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I have the same situation but you gotta understand one big picture is you gotta solve this on your own no one is going to handout a good life to you unless you do something about it. God given you a brain and use it at your advantages don't worry about trying since you got nothing to lose!

I have been made lonely too, because of my quiet and reserved way and the misfortune of living among people who are more socially aggressive and don't understand my way of life. humans have a tendency to label those they don't understand and it can make things worse for you. But I try to have high hopes sometimes and believe my current state of affairs will improve and someday I will encounter a different group of people who are more understanding and liberal in their views of different types of personalities. Continue to post on this website and find interesting books and cd's that will inspire you. Perhaps you can go to church or even when you simply grocery shop when you are standing in line try to start a conversation with someone in front or in back of you, I try it all the time even for a few brief moments I forget about my aloneness and I feel better. I know how you feel my aloneness as I said eariler stems from being considered very different and living in a urban area, that is high paced and has a strong conformity code. I have never been one for conformity, I DANCE TO MY OWN MUSIC. I hope you feel better

Thanks for your comment and encouragement retiredfather

LOneliness and depression. It is just the pits. Especially when people don't understand or want to understand.<br />
<br />
Or worse don't take you seriously.<br />
<br />
On the other hand, it is a liveable situation by adjusting yourself to your world. Not adjusting yourself to someone else's world.<br />
<br />
keep writing. You are doing fine.