I was with my family going to the lake Labor Day when we got into a wreck. We hydroplaned in the other lane and hit another car head on. Four people were involved total, but everyone else had an airbag so only I got hurt. I remember just sitting there after the wreck dazed and confused. I finally noticed the smoke and stumbled to the side of the road. I lay there waiting for help to arrive. It continued raining and my only thought was, "I'm so cold, it's so so cold." The paramedics arrived about twenty minutes later and strapped me to a gurney. "This isn't how I was hoping to be tied up today", I said trying to cheer up my family. After what seems like forever we arrive at the hospital and they do all these tests. I ended up cracking my sternum, and fracturing a few ribs. I also have a line of bruises where the seatbelt was. Now that I'm back home I'm in so much pain, and there's no one around to comfort me, and I just feel so depressed.
Liamz Liamz
18-21, M
Sep 2, 2014