Lonely Maybe, But No To Losing Faith

Life nowadays can be really a hard and lonely journy. Things around us seem to give us the impression of uselessness and uneasiness... families are sometimes broken, materialistic wheelings and dealings, weak and unstable human relationships... you name it... we made it that way... it could have been better, but may be our greed, selfishness, lack of faith have made it look so...

But there are always fountains of hope, faith, and energy. We just need to raise our heads above the tides of ignorance and irony.
There is always light and hope if we just take our eyes off these small things that have always occupied our hearts and minds.
Can't we see the beauty and perfection in the universe around us?!
Can't we see the mercy and love that God has bestowed upon His creation?!

Never give up. Just look up and see...

Isn't it time for us to pray and reflect?
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2 Responses Jun 18, 2011

Thank you aliloveless for your comment.<br />
I can see where you are coming from, but I just would like to bring to the attention that when we find the right road it is just then a matter of keeping on and keeping on trying... one day the door will open and will have our chance to get in. The biggest problem is that when we lose direction and keep going astray. That is when we get lost and our hope of recovery becomes even more difficult.<br />
Keep, Ali, knocking on the door, never give up, the moment will inshallah come when your prayers get answered and new horizon appeares before you....

I would pray but something is blocking me. If I can't be honest and sincere with God then I won't pray.