No One Here

Feels like as if i cant be happy with the people im around. I have a feeling and i know there are so many interesting and kind people out in the world but they arent around me. All i see around me is dull and shallow people that continue to irritate me in any way possible. I am not  a person who thinks highly of themselfs or someone who is rejected amoung social norms. Im a ordinary kind person who respects a fellow being , but for some reason i havent met the kind loving people that i really want to be around. And the sad thing is i know they exist somewhere and they may be hidden amoung the people here but its so hard to look beneath the surface when the surface disgust you enough. Instead of interesting people with kind hearts and positive values my life is filled with stupid, loud annoying immature people who are way to old to be acting the way they are. I dont know anyone that i enjoy sitting down and talking with or just having around because it seems lately everyone is just so different from what i want. I tried making in with the people im stuck with, but its hard to lie to yourself when inside you know exactly what you want and deserve. Im a good person who is sensitive , empathetic , and open minded towards people but I cant help to think why people are the way they are and why those people fill up my life. I dont think its fair that im stuck in this place with not a single soul i can closely relate to and have to feel like this. I deserve better people in my life but i dont have that and i have a feeling i may never. So still young and in highschool im feeling a bit hopeful for when I get to leave and move on with life but at the same time i feel left out from real people that i want to know and be with.
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3 Responses May 26, 2010

I have been waiting for friends like you too... You aren't alone... :(

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i feel and experience the same thiing... it seems that people dont care about feeling, thinking or other things, that require concienceness(awereness?). Even in the most difficult moments, the tent to not let any feelings in, and if you do feel and voice that, the dont want you around, so i'll shut up, more and more.....<br />
I to want to get to know peeps who do feel, and are not afraid of feeling, and or talking/sharing.That's why, i have looked on the internet for a group of HSP people... that are people who feel real much and are not afraid to share..... once a month, there's a hsp cafe, were we can meet up en share stuff.....<br />
Maybe, you would like it to, to have more like minded peeps, and maybe you can try to look for hsp groups in your area... Highly Sensitive Persons, just google and read , maybe you are on too...(maybe you too are more sensiteve than the peeps who surround you now....(has to do with the nerve system..can be neurologly be explained, so, no hocus pocus...)<br />
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oke, hope i was of any help, if not, it was nice to post this.......<br />
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have fun ya'll!!

I understand exactly how you feel... It is like you know you are normal... But then way do you feel so out of place... I know that in high school I did not have really good friends, but when you get to college I will say that it gets better... People start to understant you, the real you... You can be who you want to be and now worry what they think... It is awesome! You will get there.... There is hope=)