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I am 37 years old living back at my parents house while I finish school for my LPN. I get my boys every other week. My parents both live here and are raising my nephew. At any giving time there are 5 people around me. I still feel so alone. I feel like no one can relate to my sadness, or even wants to try. I miss the companion of having that special someone. Miss the hugging, the kissing and just the conversation you can have. To feel a hand in yours while you walk down a street or just sitting on the couch. I think about this and I think I sound so pathetic but I cant help it. I want to have that special connection with someone. Its different then just having family and friends around all the time. Am I wrong for feeling this way?
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allissaxx thanks for your comment. I know it not healthy to depend on a guy alone. I think its that i have gone for a long time being on my own with out having a man in it. I am sure that is why I am earning for that special connection so bad. Thanks again.

You're not wrong for feeling this way. It is natural to yearn for someone to share your joys, your tears, and your deepest thoughts, but at the same time, it’s unhealthy to completely depend on the guy alone. Remember you don't need a man to complete yourself. You are you <br />
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no. i agree that you can still be lonely even with freinds and family around. It's having that special attention and companionship that we seek.