My Story Till Date ..

HI  .. my name is shahid .. born on Thursday 03 august .  and let me start by saying this .. i am just me plain and simple without ego and pride .
i was born in srinagar .. jammu and kashmir india .. .. thanks to lord first of all ... lets start .. as i am born in kashmir .. which is very beautiful place on the globe .. and in my sight is the best .. every one likes his home land .. and my home land is green with mountains and rivers .. i was born in middle class family .
and was the first child of family .. and as i grew up i dont remeber much of my child hood .
lets see how much i do .
in my family its mom dad me and my little bro .. just 4 of us .  . i grew up as a very bad student .. well most of students are ok some r good n i was worst . 
i liked to play all the time without any studies .. i wanted to be the child forever and have fun all the time .. but unfortunately we all grow up .. some times when it used to rain i used to run in the rain coz i like it very much ,, but my mom did not like me doing that .. obviously she was afraid i might catch cold .. which is very common .. cold n fever . .. but most of the time my mom used to chase me and drag me inside .. and in that operation she also used to get wet and i used to get a good beating .. but i never learned poor student . mom and dad love me always and i love them .. but my mom used to beat me often for things i used to do .. i liked milk which i still love .. and yes potato chips my fav food :)...  i love chips .. got lot of poor grades .. had to change and was kicked   lot of schools . first one from which i was kicked was in nursery .. then in first .. and in 2nd three times .. and so on .. had a poor and an unusual record . .. my mom was very concerned abt my poor studies .. and on the other hand my little bro was genius .. so i had to listen .. my mom dad used to yell some times mostly when their were results . but i never cared abt all this it was my daily routine to get beating from tutors and at school .. such a dull and dork i was .. 
but as i grew up .. like in my eight  standard every thing changed ,, i got Little better .. lets say i came to scenes .. then in my ninth it changed i got few probs .. like i lost my admission fee .. which made me to suffer .. and then my mom discovered it,, that i am not going to school i am wondering  on roads . as soon as she discovered she got me admitted but with a lot of beating of-curse and that time from dad also.. my dad always wanted me to take care of our family business which is of carpets .. i did as i grew up helped my dad with some stuff ..   .. then things where good ..  i became good at studies not good just okay .. and the most dramatic part ... as now i was trying to be good so i used to pray every day .. when one of my frds told me abt the sufi stuff .. i said what is it and got very curious .. and that introduced me to a teacher of fate .. and i thank a lot to ALLAH  for that  . he showed and taught me the meaning and the purpose of my existence .. he changed me once for ALL  .. from a straight common boy to real believer .. he made me a sufi .. a mystical person u can say .. and i fallowed his rules .. ya ALLAH  . like its said in... GOD has not veiled himself its us humans who have .. and he removed my veil.. and now i can see the things as they are not as they appear .. and like with that i was put to test by lord .. then things changed in my 12th .. when most of my frds used to talk with gals make gfs . go on dates . i discovered that i am a very shy in person in this matter .. it never bothered me and never will . as my faith glowed so did my love for prophet .( peace be upon him ). and auliya allah ..     which is still increasing and i pray it breaks all the limits .. then i passed my 12th got in to it field did not completed my bsc in it left it half way .. coz of some probs .. as lord kept testing me hard .. at very difficult times .. and with difficult situations .. most of the times i had to stay alone as well .. .. but in general fun loving person ..  i used to go for swimming in lakes and played a lot of cricket .. i love swimming and cricket .. and i am a very good swimmer coz from child hood i used to swim a lot as long as my mum doesnt know abt it .. some times i used to wonder why not i have a gf and talk my self out with her .. but never got that lucky .and i never care abt it .. so coz of to much pressure i had to left college .. and came hear to u a e .. in first weak of may 2011 i left kashmir and came hear .. i have a job of a sales person in an handicraft shop .. like of pashmina shawls and other handmade stuff .. which is my family business.. and as i came hear it was not so difficult for me to learn it .. as my English was good and i could speak with motivation i did best and i am doing it .. 
and i hope to open my own shop like that in hear  and at nights some times i wish i had some one to talk to .. know one knows me hear .. and i dont have time to go out and make frds .. dont have a gf also .. i have cell but no one to call me or i to call .. just mom and dad i call some times a week  .. i want some one real and honest to be in my life ... ,, and once by chance i found ep .. and made some frds hear .. and right now explaining my self a bit .. 
and life has taught me many lessons .. "well lot of people have read my story . so did someone special .  she reaf my story found little honesty in it  and we became frds  . on ep it happened in july 2012 . and then i invited her to dubai  so we cam meet in person she came with all the love i needed . and in return got the same honesty and love she came to dubai on 19 aug . we where together for ten days . then she left . well then it was my turn to make a move i took vocation went to Philippines  tand stayed there with her for 40 days . people say often to find a true person is difficult and i agree with it . but if you are trye yourself someone true will come . well we enjoyed a lot in 40 days went to the places all over in Philippines together  like palawan . bohol . etc mainly cebu that is where she lived and now we both live togther there . as soon  we realised our love is beyond right and wrong doing its a ground  of peace . we decided to marry although its a big decision looking at ourselves two different persons from two different regions religions age bars . it was a tough one for her as well as for me . for her she had been married b4 and then annulled the marriage having three kids and one adopted daughter she was 41 at that moment i was 23 its six months b4 . she had a bad experience b4 like really bad any wayz when love is strong it finds its way . our bio is irrational looking at the figures doesn't look good but in person we are very happy happy as we can . the fear of people and stuff then me being a little young she was a little hesitant at first but when we spend time together we found out that we both are honest with each other and most im we really love each other we decided to marry and we did . so i tell you we found each other on ep its not a dating site but our union was meant to be . to day is 9 of sep 2013 . and we are married from six months . if you ask me how is marriage its really good . there can be lot of probs and issues but we remind each other all the time of our love some times she feels insecure coz i am young and look good and people look at me but i tell her relax my love and with time our love gets deeper and stronger . we didnt find love love fond us . some time when i look at it seems like a fairy tale . and when we are together   we look same you can see in my profile pic . any wayz that was it . 

thanks for reading .. 

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;p nice one

You are awesome, I hope you will achieve all your dreams and a lady worth you to share it with, God bless you xx

hello dost...i am an Indian,from Kerala...I liked your story and your sincerity...I too have no girlfriend...In fact i am not good at attracting girls...anyways,I feel that having no girlfriend is not a big deal,bcoz I have seen many people whose girlfriends are giving them only headaches...<br />
"life is flowing like a river,we are just the pieces of paper put into it by ALLAH,floating on his wish,stopped on his wish"...<br />
let's be friends...

yes why not .

Lovely story, I really like how honest you are not only with the people you are telling but with yourself too. You see your own mistakes and have seen the light from Allah, despite you being a bit of a rebel as a child you have turned out to be a really nice person and have learned more from life than you did at school. Life is a better university than most universities. I wish you success and happiness in your future life and maybe that someone special will come into your life soon. Inshaallah.

thanks for reading .. well a person who is not honest with himself can never be honest with lord .. yes i hope that too / but some times you just need a real frd .

well thanks a lot for reading .. well i dont lie..i hope that too .. their are lot of incident in my life which i will write in future .

wow what a story of your life, I loved reading it and it gives me of an in sight of you as person,you have spoken honest and I love that, I hope there are other stories to come,