Shahid I Know Not Who I Am

Shahid I know not who I am
Shahid I know not who I am
I am not the beliver in mosques
Nor in the rituals of faith
I am not pure nor impure
I am not inherent by the verds
Nor am I present in intoxicant
I am not lost nor drunk neither corrupt
I am I union of marriage nor grief
Nor am I intrinsic in the pure/impure
I am not of dust nor of water
Nor I am of fire nor air
Shahid I know not who I am
Shahid I know not who I am
I am not arab nor non arab
I am not hindi nor nor Russian
I am not European nor of us
I am not Asian nor sea
Nor the differences of faith
Nor the different sects
I am not from adam nor from eve
Neither did I named myself
I am not  a beginning  nor I have an end with death
I just acknowledged myself
Non wiser than I
What is the reality of my creator came to know him when i acknowledged myself .
Who is this shaid
Shahid I now not who am I
What is your reality
I am not moses nor pharaoh
I am not sleep nor wakefulness
I am not sitting nor I am in walk
Nor in travel nor in rest
Nor I am the wind of sky nor fire
I am not earth nor water
I am hear but where before
Where after where now ,
Where I come from where I go
What business i have hear
What should I ask  the people of brain ?
What is my beginning ? I am in this thought
What is my end?
My skin  can be bitten by an insect 
My inside roams the seven heavens
Discerning  eye bleeds in pain for faith is ruined by knowledge in this age ?
Filling knowledge on stomach is like a poison of serpent . having the knowledge only for heart is of serpent’s friend
Every ear is not attuned to the word of truth as a fig suits not the palate of every bird
Shahid I know not who I am
To whom I tell what my reality is ?
Who don’t know there self what there reality is?
Who are they to question me about lord ?
If that thought men men from ape .
If he would have been in my era I would have made him understand the state of lord .
Alas to those who trust and rely on this world and than leave it for others . world is for no one
You are not for the earth nor for skies world is for you , you are not for the world .
Who comes to know himself comes to know the lord . break the image of god by the command of god
Lord if thy have no beginning I have no end
Break the friends glass by the friends stone
Shahid I acknowledged myself
Oh shahid don’t utter words of secret
Silence is better for sufi .
soulndesire soulndesire
22-25, M
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oh yes <br />
you are what you are <br />