Feel so left out when with friends as they have fun. Nothing fun ever happens to me.
Ibrahim38 Ibrahim38
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 17, 2014

I use to feel the same way. Not only with my friends but with my family. Just make yourself be noticed. Say something funny ask questions when someone is talking. Or if it's ur parents holding u back sneak out. Just be careful

Done alot to get noticed but my presence is only appreciated for a very short then everything comes back to *normal

If it's really like that then find new friends who pay attention to you. That's what I did and honestly I'm glad I did.

New friends, that's what I'm up to now. Totally not an easy task.

It really isn't. But trust me you will be happy you did.

Just joined EP and can't wait to share my experience. Wait.... there's no one to share my experience with. Thanks.

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