I feel like everyone around me is so judgmental and vapid. Girls and their gossip. I've been the perennial black sheep since I was able to socialise.

And me? WellI have a good heart but an ugly, dumpy exterior. So confidence is low.

Ah well. Guess I was always meant to be solitary.
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22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 17, 2014

Why so sad? You say solitary but you have amassed over 250 friends on here... Surely out of those you can find people to help stop you feeling lonely? Perhaps your perception of yourself is not what others think of you, there is more to a person than looks! Try to build your confidence...

I've just seen that one of your experiences is " I Believe All Women are Beautiful"...apply that to yourself...

You put it in the best way possible. Sick of everyone around.