express myself better sometimes in a poem...


I'm surrounded by people having a good time

And I try to have a good time

At least look the part

But I'm Charlie Brown

And everyone’s speaking


And I don't understand or care

What they're saying

Because I'm in my mind somewhere

Under the sky

Mouth open wide

Catching fat acid snowflakes

On my tongue

Because it's real.

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3 Responses Nov 1, 2007

short, succinct, powerful.

Nothing wrong with being Charlie Brown. Everyone loves Charlie Brown. :)

thats probably better than actually hearing them though.

When I'm around a group of people, occasionally I feel as if it's not real, and that it doesn't hold any importance in my life. If it isn't worth remembering tomorrow and isn't positive, I get anxious immediately, and that's my cue to leave. If I don't leave, I start feeling out-of-my-body, which I wholly dislike. <br />
<br />
I completely get the Charlie Brown metaphor. So many times I've tuned the world out to get away from the perpetual "wawawa."