What Do I Do?

I have been married for almost three years with my husband, and been with him four. I got pregnant early on, and we have 2 kids as well. He is older than me and he said  that he really wanted the kids, and a family and thats what he wanted in a relationship. Hes a good man, and while i initially did not want  children, i have grown to love them. everything felt perfect, but lately, he is so distant, and i feel alone constantly. he acts depressed all the time, and even after 12 hours sleep he is exausted. I try to talk to him, and help out where i can, but he always seems to get offended when i ask him whats the matter. Lately I have taken to my writing to get my mind off of all my fears of loosing him, as well as being constantly lonely. Thats all I have now. I feel like, even though this sounds evil, that i messed things up by complying to have the children with him. I am a young girl, and I feel like i moved way too fast and that I killed our chance for a lasting relationship by being so inexperianced and stupid.I read about these people who date for like 7 year befor even considering to get married, and then wait another 3 or more to have kids. This particular man was also my first love, and I guess I'm just an old-fasioned gal because I wanted to marry and be with my first forever.  I love my husband but I can't help but feel like its all my fault for him and i drifting apart. I try my hardest, and he just looks the other way. It seems that he only takes notice of me when I do something bad. Its heartbraking. I love my kids, and i know that he does too. But I have always had a tendancy to blame myself for everything. I was wondering if the marrige is failing because of me truthfully, or if i'm just feeling lonely and guilty for no reson other than being parinoid about loosing the only good thing that has ever happened to me-my beautiful family.
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1 Response May 4, 2012

I don't know all the details . but me as a man . I can give you some advice ...
go and have a diet plan if posible with a profesional .
do exercise , and get in shape ,,I mean get beautiful .. .man likes woman when they look nice in shape and sexy ..I garanty you .. he willbweback ..
ho an other thing ... make sure you fix some nice meals .. if you don't know .. fine out thru a book . or internet , etc .. but get with it .. .. I know al these will have a change . and he will come to you without you trying .. and don't beg ..