Lonley Too!

I've been married for just 4 yrs.  My husband and I have two children together.  I work from home, so I'm here alot.  At night there is dinner to be made, homework, baths etc .... my husband would rather play pool at the local pool hall.  He says its a good way to make extra money.  It would make sense if we weren't broke.  He does not come home until the kids are in the bed usually.  EVERY night it is me and the kids.  Sure I could go to a friends house, but all of my friends have husbands who are home.  It is too depressing.  I can never count on my husband choosing to come home first after work.  Not ever.  I don't beleive I can take it much longer.  I really want a companion.  I want him.  He just isn't there.

KyChic KyChic
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Same kind of issue with playing pool he does it because he states he is stressed out however he works less than 20 hours a week and he is self employed. I make more money, and don't tell me it's because I make more money that he stressed out he's more than happy to let me be the primary breadwinner. This is crap. Signing off alone at Pizza Planet with my child and myself on Friday night.

I read two things that stuck out...<br />
<br />
You want him and you can't take it much longer...sort of like me. I don't know how long is long enough...it just depends. I could last years if I knew she loved me back..I'm sure we could beat any problem....It's just hard doing it by myself. <br />
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As far as you husband...I think his problems are showing all over the place....he's ashamed and embarrassed...this pool thing is immature and an escape mechanism. He's probably not a bad guy under different circumstances.<br />
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This EP can help let you know you're not alone but you really need to get some other help...family, professional...don't give up until you can look back and say you did everything you possibly could to make it work. Those two young kids are more important than almost any pain you now feel....but if your unhappiness is beginning to affect them, you may not have a choice.....<br />
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Best wishes and Peace

well. i khow how you fell bcoz we share the same story.<br />
i've have been married for 5 years. we have two kids. i'm a full time mother now (my husband asked me to quit my job). because he said i was too busy with my job hence we both rally have time talking to each other. i listened to him (quit the job) in the hope to fix our relationship. but things even getting worst. he would rather go to gym or hang out with his friends (come home when midnight). i was only me and my two kids at home. i feel frustated. i have told him that i want him to be with us more often. but he just ignore me. when i get angry.he said he love me and care for the family so much.

I am sorry too. Tell him kychic and ask him how he sees the future working out. What will his kids remember of him?

Aw so sorry to hear this kychic. It is sad when you are married and still feel alone, even with the kids in the house, you can still feel totally alone. Have you tried talking to him abou this? Maybe he can do this 2 nights a week and spend the other nights at home with you and your children. Communication is key, open up to him and tell him your needs....what have you got to lose?