Friday Night

I felt exhilarated to be finished after work today. I mean, Friday night, right?! Time to go out and go shopping with a friend, maybe even eat dinner together.

I called a friend after work to see if she wanted to go with me: she was busy doing something else with a friend of ours, then she was going with her husband to his work Christmas party.

So I called my sister to see if SHE could go Christmas shopping with me then have dinner, but of course, she was already doing that with with her fiance. Oh yeah, why did I even try asking her.

So I called two other friends, but I got no answer... I texted another: no reply... I even called mum up, but she wasn't in town tonight. With each text and call, I felt just a little more and a little more lonely.

So I just went home, developed a headache and eye ache, and have been in bed since 6 pm. What a dismal Friday night. During the course of my shower, I even made myself wryly grin at the random thought of needing a Friday night boyfriend. But then what good-hearted guy would have time for a young lady who only has time for him on Friday nights and who is in bed by 9 pm every other week night?

I really need a car to get around. I wouldn't even mind going out and having dinner Then going shopping with... me. I might then go see a movie with... me. And then go home and go to bed with... me.

kayje kayje
22-25, F
Dec 14, 2012