I've loved this guy since I moved to --- on the last semester of 7th grade. Before this I had bad fights with my mom so when I moved I thought everything would be better, everything would be ok... it wasn't it only got worse...and worse. This guy was cute funny,we had the same interests I constantly talked to him and we worked together for a few science projects. I loved seeing him, talking to him, and even drawing pictures of him. During that summer after 7th grade I was bored and depressed out of my frikin mind because I wasn't around him. Then in 8th grade everything changed because all the friends I made (him included) were all on the opposite team. Now at the start of 8th grade we still lived in --- and I didn't move into my friend's town until Setember or so. I was depressed as hell -- I wanted to kill myself-- it wasn't fair that we didn't have any classes together or that he didn't sit with me at the same table at lunch anymore. At this time I was shy and ackward so I never hung out with any friends or invited them over.. I talked to them at school sometimes. What made me mad the most was that when we were looking at houses in the town -- we were almost going to be neighbors because there was a house for sale on his street -- but no! So instead of letting him go..I became obsessed over him. I drew his face on a pair of socks, made a life sized poster, recorded videos, rode my bike around his house everyday pretending it was my exersize routine, named things after him,etc. Then my obsession led to more depression.. I always asked him to do things with me like, here's my number will you call me? Can I go trick or treating with you? Want to go with us? Will you go to my birthday party? but he always said no. I went trick or treating with him anyway, I accidentaly crashed his birthday. Then 3 months later I made him crappy x-mas presents cause I felt bad for going over to his house. Then I gave him a valentine gift, then a candy thing. After he said no to my birthday - thats when I gave up. Then I liked his twin..who didn't even know I existed. Just as I stopped liking him -- he started to like me back because he actually asked me to dance with him twice then he gave me a flower. Then 8th grade was over. When 9th grade started I was still crushin on his twin who was nice and strangely alot like me. He kind of likes me back. Then I discovered something else too...the power of friendship. I started to make friends and eventually the guy I liked first and I started to be friends again. I discovered love and sort of their religion (mormons). Even my grades got better..somehow. Also, between 8th and 9th grade I also had bad fights with my stepmom. Now it's the last semester of 9th grade - I expect to try harder with my grades. I think ,"oh next year I'll take this and this" you know? Then I'll drive cars with them, go to an amusement park with them, graduate with them. Now...all of a sudden shocking news...I have to move because of my parents' work. Everything I worked so hard to get... gone from under my feet. Fate was never on my side at all with him! I still love him! But no! I'll never get to do anything with anyone I've ever cared about again! Life is cruel- it's taught me plenty of lessons. I've already had so much taken away from me - now this! My dream future! Even if fate pulls me away - I will find them again. I'm going to their high school re-union even if it's not mine....:(. I don't when we move but you know who you are, if you ever read this
ps I love you.....
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Jan 9, 2013