Sexless Loveless

My husband of 15 years has never been the most romantic guy.  i knew that from the start.  Our romance began long distance so when we managed to get together once or twice a month our sex life was ok.  i would always initiate fun and unique sex.  Sadly, when we found ourselves pregnant, with twins mind you, we decided to get married.  HUGE mistake.  While my children have brought me so much love and joy, I can not say the same for my marriage. My husband is an excellent father and provider, but lacks romance, affection and love for me.  I refuse to leave him and until the kids are in college (four years and five months away).  I also will not cheat on him.  My only advice for anyone who is entering any relationship... be DAMN sure the sex is good and that there is love.  
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1 Response Apr 12, 2012

I am in the same boat.