I use to be that way. I was  anger and mad at the world., and I would hide. I am still a little lonely. I had to learn to love me. It took time to do that which I had to learn. I realize that if I don't love,like me no one would. So until I began to like, love myself,things began to change for me. I have lots of friends who like, and love me. People can't hurt you unless you tell them everything, so be careful who you talk to. I had people tell me they understand,but they did't. So I moved on. My loneness now is I am not married, but still now you could be still lonely because your mate does't talk. So I found things to do that I enjoy, oil painting,reading,swimming,bowling. I have friends who love to do the same things. Enjoy you and others will too.

blueboyyblue blueboyyblue
Mar 12, 2010