Im Lonely Too

Yes I am lonely. There are many reasons for this. The first reason is that i was bullied in school. That made me distrust everyone, even my parents. I was placed in a mental hospital for 2 months when I was fourteen for having suicidal thoughts. When I went to high school, I was very angry, and I did not associate with anyone except for a few friends during class. I never went to any dances or other gatherings so I never learned how to socialize. My childhood and teenage years haunt me to this day and I am 35. I regret that I was so angry at people that meant no harm to me. Another reason is that I have a severe fear of driving a car. This limits me to where I hardly leave the house. I just want to say to the younger people here that dont let people rule you. I did and it got me nowhere.

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1 Response Apr 22, 2010

OMG I can relate to your storey so much. I too was bullied in junior high and high school and I also don't drive. I did for a year when I was 19 but, had horrible anxiety about it so I stopped. You are so right though it sure isolates you. I can be moody and have low self esteem too and hate that I hurt the people that are nice to me (my family). I don't mean to though and feel bad that I have. Thank you for responding to my storey,