Isolation After A Break-up

I was in a strong relationship for the past 10 years she was my best and only friend I thought I would ever need. The attraction between us stayed strong the entire time than something happened she just changed like a light switch she said it was menopause at the age of 40 . One day is was great the very next the relationship was over and it shattered me it was bad enough my entire family had all died in the past three consecutive Christmas,s now I was alone. Because I thought she was all I ever needed I depleted my social skills and now do not have any one to talk to. There is no one on my phone list and it has been 6 months since I have spoke to anyone. I was once a supervisor for a very big automotive company and gave it up for what I though was love to move to be with her. I guess having a big heart can really keep a person lonely the  more of yourself you give the vulnerable you become just wish I could really meet some people that think like me.

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I hear you, totally understand word by word, I'm sorry about your family, I can't believe you were going through the worse moment and the only person you loved left you hanging, I went almost through the same thing, when talking about love, put someone else first then you, always considering this person your everything, but it end up really bad so I kind of identify myself with you in that part, I think you need a friend to talk to, and let out lots of things, this is a good place, and hopefuly you will be able to find the right person, *hugs*

I went through somewhat of the same thing. It wasn't 10 years but I gave up everything and lost everything for my ex... Luckily I was able to get back in touch with some of those friends that I had pretty much lost. I am so thankful that they accepted me back into their lives. If you need someone to talk to you always have people here, including me.

You just have to get over it<br />
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Easier said than done , I know<br />
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I turned to drink

I know how you feel. I gave up a great career for my ex, moved away for her, lost touch with all my old friends etc, only for her to then change her mind and leave. I spent that first year in total solitude, worked alone, lived alone, knew nobody, it was hell. But that as ten years ago and I want to tell you it gets better, you will learn to socialise again, you meet new like minded people and you will find happiness again. Maybe a different kind of happiness, but you will find it.

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I am sorry that this happened to you as the same has happenened to me after 11 years and 5 kids. It's hard when you evolve your whole world around someone and they just up and walk away. I bet you have wondered sometimes if that person ever really loved you, because I have. I don't seem to have any friends myself and i don't think that I will be able to cope for awhile. But I am going to tell you not to give up yourself like I have. I don't ever want to be in love again.