Im Lonely...

ive been lonely for years,  i want someone to bring me out of this depressive felling.. i dont think anyone likes me and its hard for me to talk to women.. i feel like no one wants to be around me or friends with me.. i think about this everyday =[
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..thanks ill keep going i guess =/ vsdkb dkjbdfk jafvkjs a

Please don't say like that. I know I have no right to say so. But just don't give up. I'm sure there's someone there who truly loves you. Try to open up. Yea, its not easy and it takes time, and sometimes it's frustrating. but it's worth a try.<br />
About the woman thing, I think you're like the male version of me. Well, I feel so shy to talk to males too. Kinda scary actually. But yeah, guess my advice is just be urself and never lose hope, oneday u'll meet her.

Hey man,<br />
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I was reading this and I was so amazed.. Its completely uncanny how similar to my own problems this is. All I can say is that I'm in the same place and I think I know how you feel. Please hang in there. There's a girl out there for you, and theres got to be a way around these feelings that you have.

thank you both. im not nervous talking to girls. lets just say... out of a million times ill usually start flirting wiht a girl 5 times. and even then i feel like its useless, idk how to explain it.. but i feel like i will never understand the fundimentals of anything... i just suck, im unhapy, ive been unhappy for 7 years, i hate myself, i dred every extra second ticking on my life and im pretty sure im gonna be sad forever... and im not kidding. i moved to be with my family and they dont even hang out with me... and the few handful of friends i had are now gone. and i dont think ill ever be in any kind of relationship because im such a sorry excuse of a person. the worldis better without me =[

I understand how you feel...I remember feeling this way and sometimes I still do. The only advice I can give is to at least try. I am not saying that it will always be easy to make friends but you will feel better about putting forth the effort. As for the women yourself...don't try to change to get a women..she should be able to accept you for who you are already. I don't know if my advice is helpful but I have learned that all you can do is be true to yourself..and try. and if you are still looking for a friend I would would be happy to try. Good Luck..

There are alot of people on here that has these same feelings,hopefully someone here can give you good advice that will help you. The only advice I can give is when talking to a female try not to be all nervous which is never that easy and always be yourself.