These Days

 I am so lonely I come home and my phone sits cold and dead never ringing. I sit alone and listin to music and watch old black/whites and movies & taxi. I try to make new friends but I am socialy awkward and shy which in todays culture (not to me) means you are weird or a loser. I am a nice guy, just nobody ever takes the time to get to know me so nothing ever connects. I eat alone, movies alone, shop alone, sleep alone and might posssibly some day die alone. I walk into the mall and see many of the people walking around with thier friends and lovers and it makes me even sadder because I might not ever get to experiance that love and oneness that people share with each other, I am a medium looking guy and just want to be accepted by people once in a  while.  Has anbody heard the song blue moon by chris Isaak? It pretty much explains it. The End
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4 Responses Jul 11, 2010

I really appreciate the comments, its hard trying to make it in this world some times. And thank you all for your kindness.

never ever feel like that. people are different in their unique way. i think, it is unfair for a stranger to define who we are just because we don't do the thing that they do... just so you know, you are not really alone (though it may seem to be like that)

I am so sorry. I feel just like you much of the time. I wish loneliness was something tangible so I could beat the living **** out of it...I hate it.

There are so many people on here that are just like you. I wish you could over come your shyness and meet some caring people who can take away your loneliness.I know this is easier said then done.Todays culture does makes it harder.