Friendless In Florida

3 years ago in 6th grade my best friend turned on me and turned every one in my class aginst, when i started middle school i had no friends and evry one i knew hated me.but i made some 8th grade i became best friends with shaina.shaina was emo,she didn't really dress emo scene,but she cut herself.she was my twin(but i did not cut myself).we agreed on almost every thing we hated the same people and thought popularity was over rated.we joked about becoming cheerlearders in h.s because every one(almost) could make it as long as they tryed out.and we were going to be cheerlearders and not popular kind of like swimming upstream.but in april when tryouts rolled around,i had an f on my report card which ment i couldn't tryout.shaina said if i wasn't going to do then she didn't want to do it if i didn't but i told her that she should any way.and she made varsity!which is insanley amazing for an upcoming she's hanging out with all of the popular people and making excuses when ever i sugest we should hang out.she used to have an album of me and her on her myspace but now she either deleted it or made it pivate.i feel excluded and i'm so depressed i cut my self because it makes me feel closer to the way shaina use to be.
Sabreenah Sabreenah
1 Response Jul 15, 2010

Friends do this a lot to their friends. You sure don't need to do what she did. Surely there is someone who needs a friend as you do.Never be scared to make the first move to make a new friendship with someone. Cutting is not the answer you knew this when your friend was doing it so why would you want to do this to yourself?