Talk To Me?

How do I say this.

Well.. I'm a fifteen year old girl, which is probably the staple year of an angsty teenager. I don't really have anything to angst about, however. Friends? I've got lots of them. I'm not massively overwieght or covered in acne. People think I'm 'cool'. Lots of boys have had crushes on me.

Funny thing is, I'm profoundly, ridiculously lonely.

And here's the reason why: I'm not really cool, popular, whatever they call it. I'm not really any of those things. I'm a DORK. I'm a true, blue, forrlz, irl, total dork of a human being. It's the thing my friends don't know about me and probably never will. I put on this facade of someone who's cool, and yeah, I get away with it -- but it isolates me. I don't connect with any of my friends like I should. I feel like a black sheep in a field of albinos, and I'm so lonely it's unbelievable.

As soon as I get home from school, I tear off my high heels, wipe off my lipstick, break out the Batman coloring book, and crank the Legend of Sleepy Hollow audiobook. I listen to the Jekyll and Hyde broadway musical soundtrack while I walk to the bus each morning. I'm constantly sketching cartoon characters, and I LOVE superheroes and comic books. I'm obsessed with nineteenth century literature and anything eighties.

If you're a nerd, for the love of God, talk to me! D:!
MsAnthropist MsAnthropist
1 Response Jul 16, 2010

You have some great things your interested in. Hope you find others who enjoy them too.