Who Is There When I Cry Inside Now?

You were the only one i had outside of E.P and now im on my own. Im in a new town with no-one but i had you, you made me laugh, smile, picked me up when i was down and now i have no-one during the day accept myself. You were my best friend, my only friend in this town and now im back where i started, living in dispare, in lonely world, full of misery.

Why did you get so drunk and start, you cant handle your drink and the one who is paying for it this time. You cant ask your kids to beat an 11 yr old boy (my partners nephew) and then let em do it. He ended up in hospital, possibly with an exploded testical becausen your girls hit him several times. Well done for that and then you expect me to sort out your mess when the boys family want to have a go at you, not a chance. I was 4 hours away seeing my poorly mum when my partner phoned me, with his nephew sobbing in the back ground.

You are stupid if you think that its ok to let your children do that, i hope for your sake he hasnt got permant damage!

Maybe im better off lonely :-(
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1 Response Jul 19, 2010

When a person lets alcohol control them nothing good comes from it.I hope the child recovers physical and mentally. My thought was this could have been you this had happened to. You are better off being alone than having someone that abused children. What will life be like for his girls now that they had a hand in the abuse.It's a very bad and sad situation for you. May your life be a better one in time.