Im Lonely Without Actually Being Alone

its horrible to never be alone but to be so incredibly alone on the inside and feel like you've lost everything when in reality you have everything right in front of you you just have to reach out and grab it.
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It is worse to be with someone who makes you feel alone than to actually be alone. I have been in that situation and it is not a good place to be.

I really understand how you feel :(. I have social anxiety also, and just to see everyone and what they wrote here, makes me feel better because now I know we're not alone in these feelings.. Thanks for sharing the story, it means a lot

I don't have any friends so I know how it feels :(

I know how you feel. When I was married I often felt so incredibly lonely. It was tremendously sad to be married to someone I loved so much who had pulled away completely from myself and our sons. It broke my heart to realize that I was lonelier in a marriage than I had been prior to it. It's really a heartbreaking and self-defeating feeling.

shyster anxiety is a horrible thing to go through but you can beat it well not beat it but learn to live with it its all about facing your fears and not running away learn to deal with your fear this in turn will desesentise your nerves and each episode will become more easy as it goes on im no expert but this is my experience oh dr claie weeks read her book thesee will help in a big way

I agree.I feel really anxious,alone and uncomfortable in social situations.I have even had a couple of panic attacks in a busy shopping centre.I'm trying to overcome it one small step at a time but it is not as easy as most people think.

Its really hard to be lonely.....:(

I have horrible social anxiety to the point where im becoming agoraphobic because of it. Every time I go outside during the day i feel as though im being judged, I always have but its never been this bad. <br />
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Somerwitches: A lot of things have happened in my life to make me feel this way. The biggest thing was never been able to meet my biological mother, then my foster brother died and my soul mate left me so I have a huge gaping hole inside that will never be filled because you can not replace family. And soon I will be losing my grandfather, oh and my first cat died a few weeks ago. So much has happened to push me to where I am today and there isnt any way to change it.

I feel the same way as you. i have social anxiety. I know what I feel is not true but i can't fight my thoughts, and I feel alone, terribly alone =/

Did something happen?