Nobody's Fault But Mine...

Im so horribly shy and crippled by anxieties. I lack self confidence.
Meeting anyone new paralyzes me. My mind goes blank.
In large crowds, I just smile crazily. I'm so quiet often times it seems people forget I'm even there.
Because of this I have very few friends. I am rarely asked to go out, and sometimes when I am I so fear social interactions that I often decline.
My "boyfriend" seems annoyed sometimes by my shyness. And only seems to be with me because he's lonely himself.
I spend a lot of time at home, wishing I had somewhere and someone to be with. Wishing my life were different, that I were different...that I was confident and outgoing..and had tons of friends.
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5 Responses Jul 20, 2010

I think...You need girlfriends that are gonna drag ur butt out to the clubs. At your age you still need to be having fun. And social interactions are important to build character and experience, even tho still time to urself is necessary. When you go out you dont get hit on by other guys? I see that face im sure u do lol. Your taken but u can still chit-chat As for you bf and you. I hope your not just setteling for eachother. and your shyness..why are you shy? I used to be shy but then i realized that i was good looking and smart and just pretty darn awsome. So i walking around smiling at pretty girls and talking to them and just enjoying life. You need to change your attitude some how.. Life is about being happy, being sad isnt good for ur health. There alot of really awsome really fun stuff out there in the world and you just need to do whatever it is that makes you happy!<br />
<br />
Any ways good luck and have lots and lots of confidence in yourself!

I agree with rayonline. You gotta learn more about yourself and accept what you discover. I'm introverted myself and feel comfortable alone and reading a book, but I see friends doing other things and going out and I feel left out and left behind. I've no idea why because my girlfriend says I'm hilarious but I've never gotten over my shyness or my awkwardness. <br />
I understand what you mean when you say you wished you had tons of friends. I think about that quite a bit, but you gotta appreciate what you do have, as much a cliche as that is. You gotta a friend, you got one right here, but I'm sure you a great person. Just gotta give yourself a chance.

i think we are in the same situation. unfortunately, i am 21 and i dont have a girlfriend to talk with . . lucky you. i have tried to change, to be active,just like people expect a normal man should be. i have tried so many times and i was so tired. till one day i find a book which told me to be myself. i am introvert, so what? me in the nutshell. meet new people always make me uncomfortable, ok, i dont need that much friends. i have 3 best friends, this is enough. job is just job. but life is different, try to learn more about ourself , what we real need in the heart. never judge ourself by the social standfards, because they are not set for all people,.

I used to feel the same way, but I was going crazy so I forced myself to go out. Then you see paople aren't perfect and accept that and feel less intimidated. All this keeps progressing and you have ups and downs but you will always feel better for trying. It's important to have relationships in life and crucial to have meaningful ones. Most of the time success depends on who you know not what you know. Think of meeting people as a game. Like when you were a kid. Hope this helps.

I feel the same way