i have become so alone that i have got myself into some serious mess. i went out with a man who is in his sixties. i did enjoy his company but i dont if i' doing this because i like him or i dont get any attention else where.this is the honest tuth, he likes the same things i like. i am still very much hung over the previous guy.i dont know what to do because i dont want to be labelled..i am pretty sure i dont want a relationship with him..i do want to be his friend beacause he is understanding..but now i feel what i did was wrong.i am so freaking out now.
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When we are feeling lonely, it's easy to get swept away when someone shows they care and enjoys spending time with you. What you did was perfectly natural but your friend needs to know this is only a friendship thing. The right person will come along, probably when you least expect it. be patient, mr right is out there and you will be happy again. I hope 2011 is your year x

what i did was pretty stupid...getting out asap

u want him as a friend but i am afraid he doesnt see u only as a can be a problem later