2 Kids And A Man Im Still Lonely

let me start by saying I live with my boyfriend and 2 kids but even with them around me I talk and its as if only the 3 year old hears me. Now we live with my father in law and I'm still alone. I talk to my kids but no one else hears me the games or TV is to loud. I say turn it down and its as if i have done a crime by asking that.  I tell my boyfriend I am lonely he says I'm exaggerating or I'm crazy  to feel that way. But i'm a family person and i moved to another state away from my family for him. now i spend my days cleaning and taking care of my children but when they dont really understand what im saying i feel lost and alone. I lost my friends when I moved and I dont always get to talk to family. Maybe here i will feel a little appreciated.
jasonsmommy419 jasonsmommy419
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1 Response Jul 24, 2010

bleak, all so bleak........ the tears we shed for our unhappy selves. You seem very unhappy, not just lonely. As one person to another I give you a hug, and these words..............<br />
<br />
You are not alone<br />
You are not crazy<br />
someone does understand you<br />
someone does appreciate you<br />
you deserve more<br />
you want more<br />
you wil receive what you wish for<br />
<br />