Yea I Am....

I don't know why, but for some reason the past few days, I have been feeling beyond lonely....I have been feeling like there is no one who wants to talk to me, or chat with anymore. Its a terrible ******* feeling to have, and I really hate it so much.... I have tried reaching out and talk to people, but it seems to be of no use, because people just haven't seemed to want to be around me much anymore. Its a wicked ******* terrible feeling :(

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6 Responses Jul 25, 2010

i feel like that alot, if u want u can allways talk to me :)

Iam in d same fr<x>ame of mind ... Wish i cud give u some positive vibes ... I truly wud, if i cud ... UnderEli n asritk0 n Krylancelo r absolutely right n hv given u gud advice ... UnderEli remarkd somthng dat has made me analyse my own loneliness ... Thanx UnderEli, for making me c a bit of sense. :)

I hope this feeling goes soon - I get like that - sometimes a thoughtful word or a look from a stranger can pick me up. hang on in there...

I feel like that sometimes too :)

Please don't feel lonely or unwanted. I know what it is like but it is only a temporary happening. In a few days you will feel yourself again. I care for you.

Your story touches me. I'm not the most social person around, and quite often isolate myself rather than reach out to other people I know, even if it's just to grab a coffee. On-line, like here, I try to stay in touch with people in my circle. But time and RL commitments keep me from doing so more than I like. In any case, I have my moments of loneliness. I have to be careful, too, in how I handle it. Sometimes I'll try to latch on to one person -- almost always a female friend or acquaintance -- in ways that are too needy. <br />
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Hopefully you are just experiencing a bit of a slump and will come out of it. Sometimes people's lives get busy, you know, and they can't commit the same amount of time they used to in EP. I know I've lost touch with some EP friends, and it does hurt. All I can do, after dealing with the pain however it manifests itself, is to dust myself off and keep going.<br />
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I hope some of this helps to brighten your day a little, or maybe even provide a bit of a smile. I like to be understanding, but it doesn't always come through that well on an IM. Take care, eh?<br />
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