How Do I Shake This?

i'm not alowed to hang out with my friends. i dont get to go see movies, or go to the mall, or even people's houses. i'ts been this way since i was 15. latley its been getting to me. all my friends have lives outside of school, they hang out and do all kinds of stuff, because of my mothers rules i cant be a part of that.  all my friends are moving on! its not there fault, but they are forgeting about me. i'm getting so worried and depressed about this. i really think it might be time to end this all.
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2 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Why doesn't your mother want you to have a life? Is she concerned for your safety? One way or another, living at home with your mother is a temporary status. You'll be grown soon and can live your life the way you see fit and not have to follow your mother's rules.

Hey. I understand. Although for different reasons. I've never had friends to go out with. Only been to the cinema with someone else once in my life. I've watched people find someone special, get married, have children .... and I'm still stuck, doing everything alone. It feels like I've been left behind. That I'm never allowed to experience these things, since when ever I try, I just get told to keep trying, that it will happen with someone .. but always someone else .. one day. But of course, it never does. <br />
I wish I could give some advice about how to get through it. But at 34, I'm still struggling with it day-to-day myself ...