New Articles About Lonliness And Health

so there was a new study published on lonliness, reviewed in the NY times and the Guardian, whic showed that loneliness is as damaging to your health as smoking/not exercising/etc.  this is scary.  i try to do all of those things, to care for my physical health, and i try to reach out to people, but i find myslef lonely most days.  am i damned?  they said it was thought that maybe people who have more relationships are more likely to care for themselves, go to doctors, etc. but other than that there were no causal correlations.  either way im worried. 
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1 Response Jul 28, 2010

Huh. I think they could of just asked anyone who was lonely, and they could have told them that and saved them all the money they would have spent on research! <br />
On a side note, the 29 July is the anniversary of the death of van Gogh. The reason he gave for shooting himself, was that he was lonely ....<br />
I hear ya buddy.