I Am Lonely

I am 28 y/o in atlanta, and I am lonely. I came from a different country. I left my everything back home, family, friends. I had a bf for 2 years here but he broke up with me 2 days ago. He is so confused about what he wants in life that he needs to figure himself out. (and I dont think that includes me)

I dont want to succumb into depression that is why i am writing my story so if somebody could read this.

In order  for me to open up opportunities... for me to have new friends not just by passing... but real friends.

It is a really hard for me to go out because im kind of  introverted and im very shy but once i get to know  people that im comfortable with to be myself and accept me for who i am and what i have to offer, i open up and im pretty spontaneous.

I am stuck in my box right now and i dont know yet how to get out... but i know i need to. I need to meet new people and do new things. I need to rediscover myself.

If anybody is from around here in atlanta. I do need friends badly! I know this is not the best way how to get to know people but I need to start somewhere.

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Sorry to hear about your lonliness. I'm trying to become a counselor right now and I've taken a great class on Group Counseling last semester. It takes a lot of courage, but you might reach out to a community center/cultural center or look up some support group meetings in your area. There are positive aspects to speaking face to face with a group vs. online chat rooms. <br />
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Sometimes it's hard to find non-religious groups to join; as an athiest, I've had trouble myself finding people who aren't affiliated with a church or trying to convert me to something in order to heal my troubles.<br />
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A proper support group should help you achieve your goals of wanting to make friends by adding helpful suggestions and supporting your progress. Or pick up a book by Fight Club author, Chuck Palnuik, "Stranger Than Fiction," and read the intro. He sort of fell into these support groups but found they were helpful in getting rid of lonliness.<br />
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By just joining a group, you'd be making progress. All the best to you!

i was thinking about the same thing. this is so hard for me.

Meeting people is hard when you are shy. Maybe someone on ep is in your area and you can make friends with.