No Life

I'm 18 and i should be out having fun, clubbing, hanging out with my friends etc. and believe me i'd love to. The problem i can't make friends and the worst thing is it's entirely my fault. Several people have tried to be my friend i just have nothing to give back and it feels awful when people realize how boring i am and stop trying. I love people, but i lack social skills and my social life is in a pathetic state so they tend to pity me. I don't want to be pitied i wan't friends, i NEED friends or even a friend.
Saffr0n Saffr0n
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Hi saffron....i understand what u say..places like club etc for me is like it has a big X that means i cant go in but in reality thats my fear afraid some things but i want friends too..even one good friend,one that will accept me..But if we say we ll never have friends and we dont try go outside of the house then what will happen?we have to try and think that things will change and we ll have friends too.hugs*its not ur fault..I have read 'living,loving and learning'by leo buscaglia.He writes that if the scenery and people are somehow not good then we need to change scenery and if u cant change others u try change urself..*smiles*im sure u arent boring.On this site u ll find people with common interests,what that means?it means u can find people outside of this site too,u need patience and u have to believe u ll make friends.I get lonely a lot but i believe one day i ll have a friend..

DAMN!, I came online to write something quite similar, but girl, I don't think your problem is to be boring or dull, it's just that you try to be friends with the wrong people, at least, that is my theory, and don't worry,l you'll find plenty of ncie people, and some of them will want to be your friends here, counting me if you want, so, just relax, be yourself, and don't worry, you are not the only one with no life at all, "i feel your pain sister"

I feel for u hun, u alrite? x