Today I Felt Lonelly And Empty

Only that, today, and durong the last time, I've been feeling empty, alone at all, I ahve only 1 friend, my best friend, but I don't think he'll be there if I need him, the other friend I ahve is online, and the new frinds I make on games or on-line soon dissapear, stop talking or etc, so, hyeah, I'm feeling alone, my family is too far and I jsut wanted to share the pathetic feeling that is making me feel empty ... yeah, maybe to be single is the problem too, I ahve no idea, but, that is u.uº
Ronoso Ronoso
22-25, M
4 Responses Aug 1, 2010

It sucks so bad when your online 'friends' quit talking to you, that seems to happen all the time for me :(

aaaaawww, bad thing you feel like that young lady, but remember always, here you will always find people to chat with, people who will want to be your friend, and msot improtant of all, that you are not alone.<br />
Well, thanks for comment, adn I expect you are better now ^^

Sorry :/ I feel pretty lonely right now as well

WOW, in a private server =P

what onlin games do you play? =)