Another Two Bite The Dust.

This past weekend, two of my good friends (who were roommates) respectively moved in with their significant others. And so disapears the second set of friends who, in my 3 years in this city, have all a) started dating b) moved-in with a boyfriend and c) gotten and engaged or married.

I would never say that being married has been the culminating dream of my life. However, i think that i have always known that i wanted to share my life with someone. I think that is a pretty human response. What i don't understand is what i am doing wrong. I can have a dry spell of years where i don't go on a single date. Something tells me, this is not how most girls spent their 20s. And now, as the golden time in my life is coming to an end and I quiver at the threshold of 30, I am truly starting to wonder if my soul mate is out there.

I feel like I put myself out there. I've done it all - online dating, speed dating, joining new clubs, going on blind dates, meeting friends of friends, joining an alumni association. I feel like i've tried every single thing that one can possibly do short of hunting for an arranged marriage.

I just want someone to come home to. Someone who makes me feel safe and protected, and someone who I can please and make happy. If love and companionship are some of the most basic human instincts, why is so hard to find someone who loves me?
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I honestly don't know why for some of us, it's SO incredibly hard to have what comes to others so easily.<br />
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I really have no advice for you, I can only tell you that you that you're not alone.<br />
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I have decided to stop being so upset about it and to try to live my life as best as possibly without companionship. It's very hard, but I am trying to accept that this is how my life is meant to be.<br />
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I wish you luck with everything.

Finding love for some people is easy and for others it is very hard. You just never know when the right person for you will come into your life.