Dinner Date

Some self-cooked bacon and egg fried rice. Chicken in a honey satay sauce. 2 glasses of white wine. And an empty chair.

That's as close as I can get to a dinner date.
Cursedboy Cursedboy
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2 Responses Aug 5, 2010

@DomesticDiva19 was it really necessary for you to sign off your comment as 'Mrs Happily Married' in an "I Am Lonely" section?<br />
you're an idiot.

hi there, i see u added a story in this group we probably all wish we didnt feel like being in. that is so sad what you wrote. my heart kinda went oooooooohhhhh. i wish for you a big happy smile from someone you know today, i hope that u can not have to feel the way you do. i am not the happiest camper either and i am married. the grass isnt always greener. but you prob know that what can any one say? we stuck where we are and thats it. (unless we change it) lol, and thats the hardest part.<br />
again, hope u feel better.......: :)