Back Where I Grew Up.

I've moved back to my childhood home and I'm not happy at all. My mother drew the plans for this house and my footprints are in the basement. However, everything has changed. This used to be a thriving little town and now it's all but dead. The nearest Wal Mart for goodness sake is 30 miles away.

I owned 2 businesses before moving back and now I'm bored. I have a beautiful home, or rather it used to be. It needs a great deal of work and it's to much for me. I've thought of selling and moving but this is  "home".

My marriage is lonely so I depend on my dogs for comfort. "Crazy I know" but I could do worse things. The grass is up to my knees and my husband is finished doing yard work. Won't do it. Won't dig a hole for me to plant a rose bush in. My Son is in the city where I lived and I have two beautiful grandchildren. Their other grandmother sees them everyday and I see them maybe every 3 or 4 wks. My Son is by a previous marriage and there isn't a great deal of "love" between Son and Husband.

I'm just very lonely. I'm outgoing and love to be around fun people and now I'm isolated.  I'm hoping to find friends in here who understand. I know most of the people in here are young and I find myself trying to give "Motherly" advice.  I enjoy all age groups so its okay with me.

The format keeps changing in here and I have to stay on my "toes" to keep up. Some friends come and go but I met a wonderful friend in Australia and we e-mail.

As to me staying here in a small town, who knows. We'll see.
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OMG! Are you my neighbor? Okay, teasing aside, it isn't the house, it isn't the location, it's the "marriage" ! You could be in Timbuktu (showing my age!) if you had a good relationship with himself. Since your connection with him is lonely, and the dogs are your closest companions (God bless our dogs!) it is time to make some changes lady. You don't have to ditch him, that is strictly up to you. Only you know about your personal relationship. But you can ditch the house, get a condo (himself won't have to lift a finger) in town close to those grandkids ( they are growing up FAST!) and get involved in outside activitivies and leave the hubby to his TV or whatever makes him happy (if you keep him). We (I am almost 60) are too danged old to put up with this stuff!!! By the way, your childhood home is just that. It is not a shrine for the ages to be kept in the family for posterity. That would make you the equivalent of a museum docent! And I am not knocking those good volunteers who make my visits to historical sites more interesting, but you don't have to live it everyday! God bless, good luck and best wishes!

Think it thru as to what is a priority for you and makd up y6ur mind to find yous happy me

I was three when my Dad placed me in the cement next to a pillar of bricks. I remember him picking me up. <br />
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The towns around here seem to be growing but not this one. We don't even have a Wal Mart. 2 grocery stores, lot of traffic lights, several churches and no where to shop. Have to drive 100 miles to buy good clothes and dog food.

It's too bad that some of the "thriving little towns" have shriveled up into nothing. How old were you when you "put" your footprints in the basement?