Have You Ever Asked The Question "why Me"?

I believe in my heart and soul, and my spirit will show that I am a kind hearted individual who will give without expecting anything in return. Why then is it always "me" that comes of second best. I am so tired of hearing the old cliche's. I dont act as a victim, and I never will. But no-one see's me, and who i really am. I really see myself as enlightened, why then cant I see the light?
bobbybrett bobbybrett
36-40, M
3 Responses Aug 6, 2010

All the time, in all my relationships with men...sad for them cause I think they are the one's missing out. I think people find it hard to accept unconditional love when they know they can't give it in return....maybe it's time we expected something i n return, we might be more appreciated!

All the time actually

hmmm dont worry it shall be well