I was facebooking earlier, I got bored waiting for my boyfriend to get on. Actually, facebook is the only way we could talk to each other for long because we are on LDR(Long Distance Relationship) and when I mean long distance, i really mean long distance. There country is like half-way round the globe from ours. Even with the distance, our love is strong. :) :) He is really sweet and everything and sometimes we would call and text each other, but now my phone's charger is broken and i really missed his voice and his texts. :D :D but this is not the story.

The story is I got really bored and decided to search on facebook on how many people have the same last name as me, there are like only 30+ people who have the same last name as me..:P So yeah, I was searching and then I found my father's name, then I took a look at the profile and it was really him. Tears rolled in my eyes, for I havn't seen him for almost 3 or 4 years now.. :'(, I have this feeling that they already broke up with my mom. I really missed him so much, but I did't add him up though, because I am afraid on what he would say. I am not close with my father or neither with my mother. :'( Growing up for me is really hard to do, specially that I am in my adolescent years right now, people say this is the time when parent's support and everything is much needed. :'( If there is someone in my family that I am close to, that would be my Aunt but then I don't really open up to her. I don't open up with anyone in my family, to my brother, sister, father, mother, aunt, uncle, grandma. I'm afraid on what they will say to me and I am afraid to hear something that would hurt me, because I am an emotional person and I don't want people too see my cry because of some stupid things. Some people here at my place call it stupid..>_<

Next school year 2011-2012 im gonna be graduating from high school and i want everyone in my family to be their and see me in the stage getting my diploma. And then four years after that, I'm gonna be graduating from college and I want them all to be there too.

Even with all the success I have done at school, my mom doesn't even seem to care and she is the one who is here with me..>_< And I think that is the main reason why I am like this right now. I can only get the support I need from my friends, Aunt and teachers.

So to all of you who are married out there and has a child, you should really support your children. Show them your love and care. Simple things in this world can be really important. And also remember to tell your children the truth and don't hide anything from them. Also, try to avoid having a fight with your husband/wife and avoid using vulgar words.

But then, should I tell my mom about it??I don't have the courage to do so, but I will try my very best to do it. I want them to know that I really badly need some parental support and advice.

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Actually i think she wouldn't. :( I remember when I was a freshmen and there was this pageant thinggie at our school. My teacher was like, oh you should join this and then I was really really happy cause my teacher said that to me. And then my teacher gave me this letter for my mom and let her sign it, but when I got home she said that I shouldn't join it. It happened to me 2times when I was at freshmen and 1time when i was at sophomore. And also when I was a freshmen, I went to this audition for our school play and luckily I got a role, even if my role wasn't that biggie, I was really happy. I told my mom about it and she said she couldn't go, so what I did was I told my grandma and aunt about it. And then they forced her to do it.

hi, i dont know what your situation is totally, but i am a 50 year old mom. my only daughter who was 18 got killed by a car 2 yrs ago. i married someone with a 13 year girl who is of course my step daughter. it was because of her that i found this ep. i was hiting up, (u told me to be honest) i hate my stepdaughter.<br />
So........i found ep. all kinds of peoples here, right? u asked if you should tell u mom u need support. it make me think of my step daughter. i feel so bad for her, as she has had a hard time too. prob u have also. you also make me think so much more i cant even say it all. <br />
<br />
would your mom listen to you if you asked for support? I would listen to my stepdaughter and i continue to try everyday to be there for her in the right way, (but you know kids and adults think different of what is right, right? rotfl) OUr family has had SO much disfunction that she went to live with her mom for a while, and OMG....that was even worse for her. SOoo, the right way? Tell her what is expected so she knows what to do, then disaplicne her if neccessary. The wrong way was screaming and yelling at her when she was just being a kid, and never knew the rules. so know I am trying to be really calm, and just explain to her what i want in return for her to reap the rewards of she wants. its hard to be a mom, after being more like a friend to your stepdaughter. its hard for her to view me as a mom. But at least we love each other. we dont exactly like each silly she was last nite, you can probably relate to this. i asked her nicely to get off the cell phone at 1:30am. i trusted her and told her that . i trusted she would end the converstation with in the next 10 mins or so. well......3:30 am, i wake up to pee. and.........i hear her say into the phoen, HOLD ON A sec...then she is quiet and i hold my breath. and then i hear her say okay, its okay thought i heard my i go in the room, try to take her phone, you would think i was taking a chicken bone from a she hung the phone up, i said no texting please. instead of spying and waiting up all nite, i just went on verizon and suspended the phone. her sillyness? the first think out of her mouth was are u going to turn my phone back on???? LIKE UH DEAD GIVE AWAY u used the phone!!!!!!. my point is we are all people and we all have feeelings. so if u mom willin to listen to you and U willing to listen to her, and work together???? i sure hope so.... i wish i had my daughter back even if all i did was yell. perhaps her death will help me help others, and god bless u, i hope something i said helps you..... message me if you want, i would love to talk to you, you will help me with my issues of being a mom to a girl around your age!!! take care and have a fun weekend and good luck. hope u let me know if it all works out for u. <3

You have a relationship. Someone to share love with. Even if it is an internet LDR. <br />
<br />
Wish I could even find that ...