Suffering Loneliness

I've been suffering loneliness for all my life. Never had any boyfriend. All my male friends all got their girlfriends or even married. It's never me! :'( I'm quite old already. I think I know how I will die - I will die from loneliness.
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I've been married for 22 years and have 3 children - it is so lonely as my husband pays no attention to our marriage and spends any of his free time with my youngest son. Never takes me to dinner, movie, tells me I'm pretty - nothing- feel like a maid and just an invisible being in the house. I work f/t, cook, clean, keep fit, etc. He hardly ever speaks to me. Lonely....yea...I hear you. You are not alone. T God bless.

Yeah right HudsonJung.. those are only minor cases. The conventional norm still exists. Even myself, I can't stand boys who are that younger than me!

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hey i'm a boy and i could be your friend..... a boyfriend. LOL. anyways cheer up, life is never as bad as it appears. you are only as old as you want to be. besides age doesn't matter where the heart and attraction are concerned. i've always found older women more mature and attractive then younger women. one couple i know the wife is 25 years older than the guy. so age doesn't matter! it's the feelings that count! cheers!